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Corporate Information

MCL Solutions Limited is a database software development company and financial recovery experts with core interest in recovery of excessive bank charges and unpaid share dividends. In the course of our service, we discovered that many organisations have difficulties reconciling their bank accounts manually and unable to detect the excessive bank charges imposed on them by their banks because of the volume of their transactions. We also discovered that many computer users have relegated their computer systems to mere word processor and/or game machines running on dedicated word processing and game software only. This practise has created under-utilization problems for many computer hardware which, by manufacturer standard, is supposed to serve as an integral database machine for the user.

As a result, we developed software for the key areas of business operations in order to render the services for the business organisations that would prefer to outsource the services to us and we make the software available for sale to the organisations that can afford the resourses to install/run the software in-house.

We appreciate the integrity of our company towards our clients and integrity of our clients towards our company to promote good corporate relationship borne by expertise and competence. Also, we appreciate the self-esteem of any of our staff to encourage freedom and effective communication among our staff and our client’s staff/representatives. Therefore, to maintain our unflinching integrity and self-esteem, we have zero tolerance for any act of giving and/or taking bribe on behalf of our company or any individual among our staff.

Banker (Bank Charges Review software)

As mentioned earlier, we develop database software for the key areas of business operations. One of the software we developed is a Bank Charges Review Software called "Banker" and it is specifically used to review bank accounts of our clients to detect the excessive bank charges in their accounts and recover the excesses from the bank. With the recovery of excessive bank charges, we make our client's past business years more rewarding/profitable and reduce cost of funds for onward business activities. The software scrutinises the areas where banks might have inadvertently or advertently:

1. overcharged debit interest
2. overcharged fees on facilities granted
3. overcharged COT/Account Maintenance Fees and VAT
4. charged COT/Account Maintenance Fee on non-chargeable transactions
5. underpayment of credit interest on savings/deposit/investment accounts
6. charged VAT on non-VATable transactions
7. unduly reversed transaction to duplicate COT/Maintenance Fee/Interest gain
8. backdated/postdated value dates to with-hold funds from cleared cheques
9. debited your account with 'unknown' cheques
10. denied your accounts of your legitimate funds
11. provides query interface to enable users query the database for any information

Fixed Asset Register Software

Another software we developed for key areas of business operations is our Fixed Asset Register Software for the effective management of fixed assets. One of the objectives of business organisations (private and public) is to create/generate a form of asset (i.e. liquid asset) which will in-turn be used to acquire another form of asset (fixed assets) that will enhance and promote continuous existence of the business organisation. This objective will, no doubt, necessitates the need to keep proper records of the fixed assets acquired. In a very good record-keeping system for fixed assets, the following activities are unavoidable if the record-keeping system is to be effective and dependable for management decision-making process:

1. Registration of newly acquired fixed assets
2. Calculation of depreciation effect on active fixed assets
3. Determining depreciation and net-book values of fixed assets
4. Recording improvement (repairs/maintenance) of fixed assets
5. Recording movement of moveable fixed assets
6. Recording re-allocation/re-assignment/transfer of fixed assets
7. Monitoring allocation of asset stock (fixed assets in stock)
8. Keeping tabs on work-in-progress projects
9. Converting completed work-in-progress projects to fixed assets
10. Disposal/sales of used-up fixed assets
11. Producing accurate asset reports for management decision
12. Query interface to enable users query the database for any information

Fleet Management Software

Like the Fixed Asset Register software, another software we developed for key areas of business operations is our Fleet Management Software for the management of vehicles in a pool. The software provides the following functions to allow fleet operators manage their vehicles by keeping accurate records of their operations:

1. Vehicle Registration
2. Vehicle improvement (repairs/maintenance)
3. Vehicle movement
4. Vehicle re-allocation/transfer
5. Use of spare parts in stock and purchase of spare
6. Vehicle fuelling and lubrications
7. Vehicles disposal
8. Drivers and mechanics information management
9. Query interface to enable users query the database for any information

Other Services

Apart from developing/selling software, we also render the following services to interested clients:

> Recovery of share dividends/bonus shares. With this service, we review share investment accounts our client to discover where dividends were not credited to our clients' account and where alloted bonus shares were not credited to our clients' account.

> Account Reconcilation service. For business organisations having/generating several thousands of transactions monthly, we reconcile cash book and bank statements with our Bank Charges Review software

> Creation of computerised Fixed Asset Register. For large business organisations having fixed assets located/situated in several local and international locations, we can create/deliver computerised fixed asset register. In process of creating the computerised asset register, we would conduct:

1. Asset capturing and numbering
2. Asset auditing and evaluation
3. Asset registering in asset database
4. Delivery of computerised fixed asset register

> Training. In addition to selling our software to interest clients, we provide detailed training on the usage of our software to enable the users derive optimum benefits from the software.

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